Bahrain Durrat Marina.png

Bahrain Durrat Marina

  • Client Name: Durrat Marina
  • Type of study: Yacht club and Marina Design
  • Scale: 477,235 m2
  • Status: Under construction

The Bahrain Durrat Marina featured itself as an impressive man-made island and comprehensive yachting commercial complex. A public marina is located in the middle of the man-made island, private marinas spread along the hotels, offices and yachting residential zones. The overall design enables tourists and residents to have an impelling sea and yacht community experience.


  • 客户:Durrat Marina
  • 设计内容:规划及游艇码头设计
  • 规模:477,235平方米
  • 状态:在建中

巴林杜拉游艇码头是一个让人 无法忘怀的美丽人工岛屿,同 时也是一个全方位的以游艇为 主题特色的商业综合体。公共 码头位于人工岛中心,私家码 头沿着酒店、办公楼以及游艇 住宅区分布。整 设计使游客 和住户都能欣赏到无敌海景,及游艇社群景观。