Busan Yongho Seaside Resort & Baeunpo Marina.png

Busan Yongho Seaside Resort & Baeunpo Marina

  • Client name: Poonglim Group
  • Type of Study: Planning, architectural and yacht marina design
  • Scale: 348,600 m2
  • Status: Design Proposal

Located on the top of a cliff surrounded by lush green scenery, the Busan Yongho Seaside Resort and Baeunpo Marina take advantage of the natural elements of the Busan seashore. NDA’s design incorporates the water by creating a yacht club and retail area, while a 300 berths marina facing the entire development completes the overall plan.


  • 客户:Poonglim集团
  • 设计内容:规划,建筑及游艇码头设计
  • 规模: 346800平方米
  • 状态:设计方案已完成