Chengdu Luxe Lake.png

Chengdu Luxe Lake

  • Client name: Chengdu Wide Horizon Investment
  • Type of Study: water area planning
  • Scale: 2,750,000 m²
  • Status: Under construction

The goal for this project focuses on introducing a water-interactive lifestyle for people living in communities in the South West parts of China. Chengdu. The innovative design divides the lake into three functional zones in order to organize and manage the lake with ease. NDA integrates water programs with land functions by including facilities for water transportation, performance activities, kid’s activities, catering and event venues.


  • 客户: 成都万华投资有限责任公司
  • 建筑类型: 水域概念性规划
  • 码头设计和技术咨询
  • 基地面积: 124公顷
  • 泊位数量: 1050
  • 进展情况: 建设中