Dalian Aeropolis

  • Client name: Dalian Municipal Land and Resources Bureau, Dalian Planning Bureau
  • Type of Study: Urban City Planning
  • Scale: 150,200,000 m²
  • Status: Under construction

Dalian Aeropolis rebalances the urbanization of Dalian, a necessary process for developing the city into a major hub of Northern China. The infrastructure supports eight commercial and community driven facilities including a new international airport, a research business park and green sanctuary, to name a few. All areas co-exist harmoniously in function to build a sustainable working and living environment.

Meishan Yachting Pole

  • Client name: YOFOTO
  • Type of Study: Urban Planning
  • Scale: 1,390,388 m²
  • Status: Design proposal completed

Located at the tip of Meishan Island, the Meishan Yachting Pole is surrounded by a natural enclosure of mountains and sea. Compatible programs planned on the island include a diverse collection of four-star boutiques, waterfront residential areas, private berths and commercial areas. The yachting pole introduces a unique dynamic by complementing the neighboring port and various tourist destinations with an outlet for successful new business ventures.

Dalian East Port 80m Seashore Landscape Avenue

  • Client name: Dalian East Port Construction Headquarter
  • Type of Study: Landscape Conceptual Design
  • Scale: 290,000 m²

  • Status: Design proposal completed

NDA considers East Port as a constantly evolving space—transitioning from its previous role as an industrial base to a modernized financial center and marina. The Seashore Landscape Avenue plays a major role in this process. It functions as a both an urban public space, providing a wealth of activities, as well as a seafront cultural exhibition belt, celebrating the historical and geographical features of this landmark.