With a proven track record of 80 marine-related studies and waterfront projects, NDA Group has been a key contributor to the yachting industry by bringing new waterfront experiences around the world and especially in Asia. With our specialized team and dedicated partners, we design waterfront projects that integrate nautical and touristic features to transform them into attractive destinations. For various types of facilities (residential buildings, resorts, marinas, yacht clubs, etc.), we are recognized for our vertical know how in business & marketing consulting, planning, design and technical solutions




Xiamen Xiangshan International Yacht Club

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Bahrain Durrat Marina

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Dalian Aeropolis

Dalian Aeropolis rebalances the urbanization of Dalian, a necessary process for developing the city into a major hub of Northern China. The infrastructure supports eight commercial and community driven facilities including a new international airport, a research business park and green sanctuary, to name a few. All areas co-exist harmoniously in function to build a sustainable working and living environment.

Meishan Yachting Pole

Located at the tip of Meishan Island, the Meishan Yachting Pole is surrounded by a natural enclosure of mountains and sea. Compatible programs planned on the island include a diverse collection of four-star boutiques, waterfront residential areas, private berths and commercial areas. The yachting pole introduces a unique dynamic by complementing the neighboring port and various tourist destinations with an outlet for successful new business ventures.

Dalian East Port 80m Seashore

NDA considers East Port as a constantly evolving space—transitioning from its previous role as an industrial base to a modernized financial center and marina. The Seashore Landscape Avenue plays a major role in this process. It functions as a both an urban public space, providing a wealth of activities, as well as a seafront cultural exhibition belt, celebrating the historical and geographical features of this landmark.