Guangzhou Nansha Yachtclub.png

Guangzhou Nansha Yachtclub

  • Client Name: Fok Ying Tung Group Nansha Development
  • Type of study: Yacht club, Waterfront
  • Landscape & Olympic plaza
  • Scale: 65 hectares
  • Status: Constructed

A French chateau in the 13th Century, an important center of sea commerce and international cultural exchange at that time, a waterfront commercial and real estate core area today—this prime location now houses the Gunazhou Nansha Yacht Club. For this project, NDA revives its historical style and creates a design focusing on the close interaction between the modern yacht club and its cultural background.


  • 客户:香港霍英东集团,南沙创建
  • 设计内容:建筑景观及游艇码头设计至深化设计
  • 规模:65公顷
  • 状态:已建成