Haikou Meiyuan.png

Haikou Meiyuan

  • Client name: Haikou Meiyuan Yacht Club Co., Ltd
  • Type of study: Construction Detailed Planning
  • Scale: 225,400 m2
  • Status: Constructed

Haikou Meiyuan Marina is the first marina of its kind in Hainan. Established in 2007, this marina also ranks as one of the earliest marina projects in China. Since its conception, the marina has attracted many Food and Beverage investors to the site, establishing the area as a hot place of Haikou for wine and dining in the evening.


  • 客户:海口美源游艇俱乐部有限公司
  • 设计范围:修建性详细规划
  • 规模:225,400平方米
  • 状态:已建成