Hainan Wanning Shimei.png

Hainan Wanning Shimei

  • Client name: China Resources (Hainan Branch)

  • Type of study: Urban planning and architectural design
  • Scale: 236,200 m2
  • Status: Constructed

Located in the east side of the well known island of Hainan, Shimei Bay is one of the most successful areas in terms of international trade and tourism development of the island. The exquisite natural beauty makes this place an important highlight within the seaside tourism’s market. The Hainan Wanning Shimei Bay Marina and Club embodies these features as an urban complex offering famous hotels, high-end residential areas, luxury yachting villas, golf course facilities, and numerous outdoor and indoor activity areas.


  • 客户:华润集团(海南公司)
  • 设计内容:规划及游艇码头设计
  • 规模:236,200平方米
  • 状态:已建成