Nanchang Yao Lake.png

Nanchang Yao Lake

  • Client name: Tangshan International Yachting Development Co. Ltd.
  • Type of Study: Conceptual Design
  • Scale: 21,000 m²
  • Status: Constructed

Located on the scenic Yao Lake of Jiangxi province, the combined yacht club and marina exhibit a pure, yet dramatic, contemporary design complimented by the organic shape of the lake’s coast. The Nanchang Yao Lake Marina establishes itself as a world-class yachting centre genuinely showcasing integrated residential development. In order to do that the project insures perfect integration between real-estate developments, tourism facilities and waterfront projects in the area.


  • 客户:南昌博泰投资集团
  • 设计内容:建筑及游艇码头设计
  • 规模:21,000平方米
  • 状态:已建成

坐落于风景旖旎的江西瑶湖,游艇会所与码头的融合、现代设计与湖岸令人向往的原始形态融会贯通,呈现了一个纯净、充满生机的滨湖景观。南昌瑶湖游艇城力求打造一个游艇中心,推动综合住宅区发展, 从而完美统筹周边区域的房地产开发、旅游设施及滨水项。