Our ethics

Since the foundation of NDA Group more than 10 years ago, we have decided to strictly follow ethical principles of governance related to climate responsibility, sustainable development, anti-corruption approach and corporate social responsibility.

 At NDA Group, we place environmental and social sustainability at the core of our practices by conviction – not by obligation. We believe that architecture can lead to meaningful impact towards the society and influence social and environmental conditions accordingly. In this sense, we approach each project as an opportunity to leverage natural energy resources, minimize energy consumption and use economically efficient systems. This motto is reflected into all of our projects, right from our very first one in 2001, the Dalian World Expo Center (Dalian, Northern China). This project is only one example of how we integrate sustainability and long-term thinking into our working process.

We have also integrated sustainability into our internal operations by pushing for recycling and encouraging our team members to use public transport whenever possible. We also work with ClimateCare to offset the carbon emissions created by employee flights, and ultimately contribute to the development of green industry around the world, mainly in developing countries.