Suzhou Guangjia Yacht Marina.png

Suzhou Guangjia Yacht Marina Project Design

  • Client name: Guangjia Group Co Ltd
  • Type of Study: Lake Marina Design
  • Scale: 250,000 m²
  • Status: Design proposal completed

To properly develop the surroundings of a water-filled quarry near Taihu Lake, NDA provided a complete water planning scheme including boat choice recommendations based on the local yachting market and site conditions, water activity planning, conceptual marina designs as well as waterfront landscape planning. The design of the Suzhou Gunagjia Yacht Marina includes a public marina with approximately forty berths linked with a yacht maintenance area and a waterfront plaza, two smaller hotel and leisure club marinas connected with water taxi and private pontoons by all lakefront villas.


  • 客户: 广嘉置业集团
  • 设计范围: 水岸规划及码头设施
  • 基地面积: 6.27 公顷
  • 泊位数量: 公共码头40
  • 私人码头30
  • 进展情况: 建设中