Tangshan International Yacht Villas.png

Tangshan International Yacht Villas Community

  • Client name: Tangshan International Yachting Development Co., Ltd
  • Type of Study: Conceptual design
  • Scale: 1,780,000m²
  • Status: In design progress

Located at the North shore of Tangshan Tourism Island, the Tangshan International Yacht Villas Community optimizes sustainable land use and water-front leisure. The establishment ensures environmental value with a comprehensive development centered on yachting lifestyle. Creatively, NDA designs both public and private berthing areas to insure zero damage to yachting infrastructure during the winter season. 


  • 客户: 唐山湾国际旅游岛开发建设指挥部
  • 设计范围: 总体规划
  • 基地面积: 100 公顷
  • 进展情况: 设计中