With a proven track record of 80 marine-related studies and waterfront projects, NDA Group has been a key contributor to the yachting industry by bringing new waterfront experiences around the world and especially in Asia. With our specialized team and dedicated partners, we design waterfront projects that integrate nautical and touristic features to transform them into attractive destinations. For various types of facilities (residential buildings, resorts, marinas, yacht clubs, etc.), we are recognized for our vertical know how in business marketing consulting, planning, design and technical solutions


NDA集团一直是游艇产业的卓越贡献者,在全世界尤其是亚洲地区为客户带来焕然一新的水岸体验,已经实现了80多个出色的码头相关的研究以及水岸项目。在我们的专业团队以及卓越合作伙伴的帮助之下,NDA设计了一系列融汇了航海和旅游特性的项目,将它们发展成为极富吸引力的目的地。NDA针对住宅楼,度假区,码头,游艇俱乐部 等不同的设计类型,都能提供商业,市场咨询,规划,设计以及技术解决方案方面的全方位且出色的服务。




Koh Samui Safari Beach - Park and Resort

  • Samui beach properties Ltd.

  • Type of Study: Planning and marketing strategy
  • Scale: 100,000m2
  • Status: Under construction

Set in the beautifully preserved Han Bay in Maret, the exclusive Safari Beach Park & Resort features an idyllic seaside setting that offers the opportunity of developing exquisite boutique-style accommodations. The resort features a luxurious spa and multifunctional conference center while the park allows for activities aimed at exploring and protecting the rich local fauna.

Samui Beach Properties

  • Client Name: Samui Beach Properties Ltd.
  • Type of Study: Architectural Design
  • Scale: 11,351m2
  • Status: Under construction

Samui Beach Properties immerse guests in a luxurious and tropical setting.   Inspired by the rich cultural and architectural heritage passed on by Thai builders throughout the centuries, Samui Beach Properties connect a traditional and ecological pattern of living with modernity--offering guests from all over the world an exquisite opportunity to experience first‐hand the best of exotic traditions within a framework of innovative comfort and luxury.

Beijing Riverside Tourist Center

  • Client Name: The Riverside Investment Group
  • Type of Study: Concept + Schematic + DD Design
  • Site Area: 44, 4000 m²
  • Status: To be built

For the Beijing Riverside Tourist Center NDA showcases a unique design featuring the rippling pattern of waves as a conceptual starting point. Extensive terraces are created in order to convey the feeling of an imposing natural environment that absorbs the built elements, dissipating them into the landscape. 

苏梅岛Safari Beach动物园及度假区

  • 设计内容:规划和市场策划
  • 规模:100000平方米
  • 状态:在建

泰国Maret充满田园风情的海滩,为建设一个精致的度假中心提供了便利。苏梅岛Safari Beach动物园及度假区包含有奢华的Spa会所以及多功能会议中心,同时还设计了用于参观和保护当地丰富动物资源的主题公园。


  • 客户:Samui Beach Properties Ltd.
  • 设计范围:建筑设计
  • 规模:11351平方米
  • 状态:在建



  • 客户:山水文园投资集团
  • 设计范围:概念+方案+深化设计
  • 规模:444000平方米
  • 状态:待建




AMBOISE Autopark

  • Client Name: New Design Capital
  • Type of Study: Concept Design
  • Site area: 208,110 m2
  • Status: In negotiation

Amboise Autoparc is located in one of the most touristic and historical areas of the Valley of Loire. This cultural district is not only home to artist Leonardo da Vinci but also home to several existing historical forest paths. Taking into consideration the site’s unique past and the local people’s addiction on classical cars, NDA created a fabulous display and match space.

Malaucene Tourism Complex

  • Client Name : New design Capital
  • Type of Study : Concept Planning and Architectural Design
  • Scale: 327427m2
  • Status: Design Process

The Malaucene city strives to embody all possibilities of urban development by transforming a former grey zone into an ecologically beneficial project. Prioritizing the human, geographic and climatic features of the city, NDA presents a tourist complex fit for various activities to entertain all generations and professions any time of the year.


  • 客户:New Design Capital

  • 设计范围:概念设计

  • 规模:208110 平方米

  • 进展情况:洽谈中



  • 客户: New design Capital

  • 设计范围: 概念规划和建筑设计

  • 规模:327427平方米

  • 状态:设计中

 马荣森市试图从多个维度挖掘城市建设的可能性将棕地开发为真正利于城市发展的项目。在优化利用当地人文,地理,气候因素的基础上, NDA为马荣森市规划了一个适合多种活动,覆盖所有人群和职业,可以在任何季节前往的度假综合体。