Samui Beach Properties

  • Client Name: Samui Beach Properties Ltd.
  • Type of Study: Architectural Design
  • Scale: 11,351m2
  • Status: Under construction

Samui Beach Properties immerse guests in a luxurious and tropical setting.   Inspired by the rich cultural and architectural heritage passed on by Thai builders throughout the centuries, Samui Beach Properties connect a traditional and ecological pattern of living with modernity--offering guests from all over the world an exquisite opportunity to experience first‐hand the best of exotic traditions within a framework of innovative comfort and luxury.

Beijing Riverside Tourist Centre

  • Client name: The Riverside Investment Group
  • Type of Study: Concept, Schematic and 3D Design
  • Scale: 444,000 m²
  • Status: In design progress

The Beijing Riverside Tourist Centre offers luxury and entertainment driven amenities featuring various vista points, bars, restaurants and a spa to provide guests an-all around indulgent experience. The design focuses on the Centre’s natural surroundings by integrating wave-like designs drawn from Jinhai Lake and extensive terraces cascading towards the shore.  From the breathtaking vista points to the convenient accommodations, the centre has the potential to become a hub for leisure tourism. 

Koh Samui Safari Beach - Park and Resort

  • Client: Samui beach properties Ltd.

  • Type of Study: Planning and marketing strategy
  • Scale: 100,000m2
  • Status: Under construction

Set in the beautifully preserved Han Bay in Maret, the exclusive Safari Beach Park & Resort features an idyllic seaside setting that offers the opportunity of developing exquisite boutique-style accommodations. The resort features a luxurious spa and multifunctional conference center while the park allows for activities aimed at exploring and protecting the rich local fauna.

Sanya Wuzhizhou Tourism Center

  • Client name:  Sanya Wuzhizhou Tourism Center
  • Type of Study: Architectural Design
  • Site Area: Site area of 35,735m2
  • Status: Design Process

The Sanya Wuzhizhou Tourism Center includes a yachting club, a tourist center and a Maritime Museum. These three features of the Tourism Center function together in harmony to offer tourists an incomparable marine experience. Through this urban development NDA unites the Haitang Bay and the Wuzhizhou Island.

Bo Ao Lotus City-Yacht Club

  • Client Name: Hainan Lotus Investment (Group) Co., Ltd
  • Type of Study: Marina Design
  • Scale: 25,000m2
  • Status: Under construction

Bo Ao Lotus City has the opportunity to open the first Mega-Yacht Marina in Hainan and China. NDA is inspired by the idea of “a Paradise surrounded by water”, and creates a green island, among luxurious vegetation, surrounded by water. A unique atmosphere of the marina provides a Green-island feeling to all the coming members, guests, and visitors.

Ningbo Beilun Chunxiao Yachting Complex

  • Client name: Vanion
  • Type of Study: Urban Planning
  • Scale: 10,291,109 m²
  • Status: Under construction

Ningbo Beilun, located in the south east side of one of the most successful areas in terms of international trade and tourism development. This huge area (larger than 1000 Ha) will become a new landmark for its unique location including numerous of outdoor and indoor activities, 7 stars hotel, nature resort park a golf course and much more.

Edmonton Tower

  • Type of Study: Architectural design
  • Scale: 5,000 m2
  • Status: Design proposal

NDA builds a luxury tower with a non-conventional, yet chicly simple, architectural concept to convey a strong and attractive visual impact.

Hainan Qingge Bay Marine Tourism

  • Client Name: Seatrust Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd.
  • Type of Study: Tourism planning
  • Scale: 63.90 hectares
  • Status: In Process

Lush coconut trees, pristine beaches, rugged rock beds, and shallow seas—all of these already exist in the tropical paradise of Hainan. This design strives to enforce the indulgent atmosphere in a harmonious way by integrating the tourism industry. NDA has created a flagship concept based on environmentally conscious coastal development to represent an exemplary case of sustainable tourist industry development.

Chengdu Luxe Lake

  • Client name: Chengdu Wide Horizon Investment
  • Type of Study: water area planning
  • Scale: 275 hectares
  • Status: Under construction

This architectural venture is located in the core area of the Southern district extending from Tianfu Avenue in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. As a part of the "Chengdu Luxe Lake Ecological New City" project, this segment was created to highlight an active water lifestyle to people living in and near the lake. To achieve this, the atmosphere surrounding the lake will exude an atmosphere prime for relaxing, leisure and tranquility.

Dalian Golden Beach International Golf Club

  • Client Name: Dalian Xinxing Group
  • Type of Study: Architectural Design
  • Scale: 10 hectares
  • Status: Design proposal completed

The club is located on a breathtaking shoreline near Dalian. This leisure complex will be used as a golf club with the following facilities: golf facilities for members, restaurants, bars, hotels, swimming pools, SPA facilities, multifunction rooms, and various other features.

Dalian Golden Beach International Conference Center

  • Type of Study: Architectural design and interior design
  • Scale: 9,584m2
  • Status: Constructed

Located in the center of a 5a-class tourist attraction, the Dalian Golden Conference Center harmoniously integrates with the surrounding establishments to create an incomparable vacation experience. The conference center caters to both local and international tourism by supporting a luxury hotel and premium golf courses.

Hongkong Lamma Island Marina & Yacht Club

  • Client Name: Agile Property HK
  • Type of Study: Club Building Design & Marina Design
  • Scale: 26.8 hectares
  • Status: Design Proposal completed

NDA provided an extensive background study on the yachting and sailing industry around the world as well as an in-depth feasibility study for marina development on Lamma Island. Based on results, NDA proposed an innovative and integrated yacht club and marina design featuring organically shaped marina blending in with the surroundings.  An innovative marina breakwater with an underground marine observatory also contributes to the overall establishment.

Jiangsu Nantong Binhai New Zone Yachting Resorts

  • Type of Study: Conceptual planning

  • Scale: 165 hectares

  • Status: Design process

Nantong Binhai plans to launch another main yacht port in the East coastline of China, starting with Tongzhou Bay Yacht Club at its core. This project includes business, enterprise, yacht industry, wine yard experience, and waterfront resort zones to offer an unprecedented experience of yacht life and leisure.

Ningbo Qian Lake Yacht Club

  • Client Name: Ningbo YOFOTO Group
  • Type of Study: Architectural Design & Marina Design
  • Scale: 44,952 m2
  • Status: Design Proposal completed

NDA designs a prestigious club that combines functional design with scenic charms to enhance the beautiful natural scenery.

Fuzhou Luoyuan Bay Hotel and Commercial Complex

  • Client Name: Fuzhou Luoyuan Bay Development & Construction Ltd.
  • Type of Study: General planning & Architectural design
  • Scale: 34,795m2
  • Status: Design Proposal completed

The Luoyuan Bay Marina in Fuzhou surrounds itself with the river and sea. This natural harbor includes a high-class hotel equipped with luxurious amenities fit for leisurely tourism and a conference center. NDA designs open terraces equipped with pools and spas, featuring breath-taking views from every point to bring the splendor of land and water together.

Beijing Riverside- Animal Island VIP Restaurant

  • Client name: The Riverside Investment Group
  • Type of Study: Architecture & marina design

  • Scale: 3,770 m²
  • Status: In design progress

Located in the Jinhai Lake, the Beijing Riverside Animal Island VIP restaurant emerges as a luxury landmark. Inspiration for the restaurant’s eco-friendly infrastructure stems from the concept of a wooden vessel surfacing from the depths of the lake. Guests are invited to approach the restaurant by yacht to enjoy a unique dining experience while appreciating the complete 180 view of the magnificent natural landscapes.