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With a proven track record of 280 marine-related studies and waterfront projects, NDA Group has been a key contributor to the yachting industry by bringing new waterfront experiences around the world and especially in Asia. With our specialized team and dedicated partners, we design waterfront projects that integrate nautical and touristic features to transform them into attractive destinations. For various types of facilities (residential buildings, resorts, marinas, yacht clubs, etc.), we are recognized for our vertical know how in business & marketing consulting, planning, design and technical solutions


Get inspired by our Featured Projects

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Sanya Maritime Museum 

  • Client name: Marine and Fishery Department of Hainan

  • Type of study: Conceptual design

  • Site area: 105,000 m²

  • Total building area: 45,000 m²

  • Status: 3rd Prize Competition Proposal

Taichung City Cultural Center

  • Client name: Construction Bureau - Taichung City Government

  • Type of study: Architectural design

  • Scale: 26,000 m²    

  • Building area: 65,000 m²

  • Status: Competition proposal

Dalian Golden Beach International Conference Center & Hotel

  • Client name: Dalian Xinxing Group

  • Type of Study: Architectural design, Interior spaces design

  • Scale: Area of 9,584m²

  • Building Area: 20,991m²

  • Status: Constructed

Shenyang Liaoning TV and North Media & Culture Industrial Park

  • Client name: Liaoning TV Shenyang Wulihe Construction and Development Co., Ltd.

  • Type of study: Architecture Design Proposal

  • Site area: Approximately 20 acre

  • Total building area: Approximately 500,000 m²

  • Status: Design proposal completed

Dalian Exhibition City

  • Client name: Dalian Xinghai Bay Development & Construction Administration Center

  • Type of study: Urban planning and architectural design

  • Site area: 4,760,282 m2

  • Total building area: 5,711,625 m2

  • Number of berths: 260

  • Status: Competition (2nd Prize)

Sanya Luhuitou Plaza Tourist Centre

  • Client name: Sanya Ocean and Fishery Bureau

  • Type of study: Marina planning & marine facilities

  • Scale: 61,119 m2

  • Number of berths: 26 berths (tourist marina), 238 berths (public marina)

  • Status: Under Construction

Huainan Convention & Exhibition Center

  • Client name: Anhui Province Huainan City Shannan New District Management Committee

  • Type of study: Architectural design

  • Building area: 100,790 m²

  • Status: Constructed

Xuzhou Broadcasting & TV Center

  • Client name: Xuzhou Broadcasting & TV Center

  • Type of study: Architectural design

  • Scale: 47,400 m2

  • Building area: 71,877 m2

  • Status: Constructed

Dalian Shell Museum

  • Client name: Dalian Xinghai Bay Management Committee

  • Type of Study: Architectural design

  • Scale: Site area of 10,000 m²

  • Building Area: 16,000 m²

  • Status: Design proposal completed

Sanya boat Show 

  • Client name: China Rendez-Vous

  • Type of study: General plan

  • Number of berths: 88

  • Status: Constructed

Zhaoqing Exhibition Center

  • Client name: Zhaoqing Hi-tech Zone Planning and Construction Bureau

  • Type of study: Architectural design

  • Scale: 7.4 hectares

  • Building area: 50,000 m²

  • Status: Design proposal completed

Sanya Visun Beach Club 

  • Client name: Visun Group

  • Type of study: Pontoon design layout conceptual planning

  • Site area: 439 m2

  • Status: Constructed

Dalian Furama Creation Street & H Tower

  • Client name: Dalian municipal planning and land resources bureau

  • Type of study: Architectural design

  • Scale: 48,500 m²

  • Building area: 152,415 m²

  • Status: Design proposal completed

Dalian Champs-Elysees 

  • Client name: Dalian Yonggao Group

  • Type of study: Architectural design

  • Scale: 14,400 m²

  • Building area: 88,072 m²

  • Status: Constructed