NDA Group delivered outstanding performances at Beijing Luxury Properties Showcase

At the recently concluded 2014 Beijing Luxury Properties Showcase, NDA delivered outstanding performances.
NDA launched the "Dream Yachting Destinations" network at the grand opening ceremony. We attracted numerous visitors on-site and will share information of top global yachting marinas continuously on NDA WeChat.

At the Hospitality Design International Forum, NDA CEO Mr. Emmanuel Delarue and VP Ms. Qiu Yang presented Anhui New TV and Broadcasting Center and the Agile Clearwater Bay Resort as examples of successful combination of global vision and local experience.
At the European Investment Forum, Mr. Emmanuel Delarue and Ms. Qiu Yang introduced France investment opportunities. The Malaucene Tourism Complex is an outstanding tourism property project designed by NDA. Its various activities and innovative time share investment scheme set an excellent standard for experience-driven tourism properties.



在展会开幕式上,恩蒂埃向来宾介绍了 “梦想游艇目的地” 网络,吸引了大量关注。恩蒂埃将持续通过微信与大家分享更多世界顶级游艇码头的精彩内容。