"Sailing north! Dream destination: Dalian"

The article in Chinese was published in Riviera 2014, No.4

2014 So! Dalian organized by China Rendez-Vous drew to a close in July. It was a spectacular event specialized for luxurious marine lifestyle, with which NDA would like to share with you an article published in Riviera Magazine launched during the exhibition. Emmanuel Delarue, CEO of NDA delivers his perspective on Dalian, a dynamic northern yachting destination in China with its perfect climatic and geographical conditions and overview of marine development in Dalian.

"Dreamed destinations are not the privilege of tropical waters: discover a city and its surrounding cruising grounds that have the potential to be the future hottest destination of boaters in summer time.

Imagine a city filled with spectacular parks and mountain trails, a city where you can practiceski in winter and enjoy sailing from spring onwards. Imagine a city that lies in the water like a big ship, an urban cityscape close to San Francisco. 

Imagine a city where you could tap into a rich history and preserved architectural heritage to shape a dynamic living space for high tech industries.

Imagine a city that fosters community, where public spaces along the water gather crowds to enjoy sunset views, sport entertainment and fresh seafood restaurants.

This city is Dalian, an unique urban and leisure destination in China, a true center of the Bohai Bay. No wonders that while southern provinces are pledged in the tropical heat, north of China becomes the epicenter of a summer lifestyle close to Scandinavia, the US Vermont or Canadian shores. 

The article (to be continued)

It’s not surprising that the leisure boating activities have been also do dynamic in such regions. One can argue that the season here is shorter, but it’s intensive and people here are eager to practice a lot during the period. It’s following the logic of such locations in the world: most of the in Europe and USA boats (meaning millions of them)are actually based in northern areas, close to China Dongbei climate and landscapes. With more than 1400 berths already established in North China, from Shandong north coast to Bohai sea up to Korean border, the possibilities of safe cruising are now really existing. As examples, Changhai Islands famous fishing areas are less than 50 nautical miles from downtown Dalian, a mere 2 hours trip for most of motor boat, while the attractive coast line of Weihai are not further than Monaco to the famous island of Corsica in France.

We can witness this great development since early inception: from imagining more than 10 years ago the first Dalian marina project in Xinghai Bay to our latest planning of Dalian East Port or Diamond Bay, the city officials have always shown great determination in pushing the city towards the sea. So Dalian event is the best example of this trend and we wish it can be the start of an even more dynamic city development with more services for boaters and water access for citizens.

Enjoy boating, enjoy summer!"

About the author
Emmanuel Delarue, a French architect involved since 2001 in the development of Dalian City share his vision for the development of great tourism developments. Within NDA team he has been leading the development of the waterfront projects in Asia and Middle-East while delivering iconic buildings like Dalian Expo Center or Anhui TV Center. Images Copyright NDA