Discover “Themed Waterfront Lifestyle” & “Dream Destination Interactive Art Work” with NDA!

Small world

NDA Group cordially invites you to join us at 2015 SO!DALIAN (June 18th to 21th)

Beyond Design! 
We invite you to celebrate together:
NDA 15 Years’ Development in China 
Marine Dragon Consulting 10th Anniversary

Dream Destination Art Work @So!Dalian
at spreading knowledge, cultivate culture of sailing and activate waterfront activities among larger crowd of people,NDA imagined and created “Dream Destination Interactive Art Work”.  NDA will bring the 5th Edition of “Dream Destination Interactive Art Work” at So!Daian. Wish to see you at So!Dalian and have a great gathering there.

  • Dream Destination Cocktail Party, 15:30-17:30, June 18th
  • Dream Destination Happy Hour, 16:30-17:30, June 19th & 20th

Event Area: Entrance

Dream Destination:
Each visitor can freely launch a boat towards the destinations of his or her own dreams.
The paper wave scope will gather countless liquid dreams.
Eventually the flow will become a powerful instrument with all participants’ beautiful wishes: the destination dreamscape.

SO!Dalian Dream Destination

Venue: East Port Marina, Dalian
Date: 18th-21st June, 2015