NDA Supports COC (China Olympic Committee) to investigate Chamonix and Mont Blanc Valley, discovering the 3 latest trends in winter sport development!

NDA is much honored to have supported COC (China Olympic Committee) to visit Chamonix Mont Blanc of France, the city who hosted the first Winter Olympic Game in 1924.

In order to have deeper knowledge about winter sports and winter Olympic game organization, Mr. LIU Peng, the President of China Olympic Committee & the Minister of Sports of China, has led a delegate of 5 people visited Chamonix Mont Blanc in early July this year, to meet with French high-ranking officials and related government bureaus.

France, as the leading nation of winter sports games in the world, has hosted 3 times Winter Olympic Games and has a lot to share with China. The mayor of Chamonix Mont Blanc and the representative of the Rhone-Alpes Region have introduced their great experiences in hosting Winter Olympic Games and in utilizing the sports venues after the game; the Vice President of France Olympic Committee has shared his insights in host city bidding preparation; the Mountain Cluster of France have organized many leading companies and institutes in mountain and winter sports industry to share their global expertise in various aspects of winter sports & ski resorts development: from designing & constructing to venue management and operation.

Mr. LIU Peng and NDA's CEO Emmanuel DELARUE, Vice President Qiu Yang

Mr. LIU Peng and NDA's CEO Emmanuel DELARUE, Vice President Qiu Yang

NDA has been entrusted by COC as the main organizer of the trip and we leveraged on our resources in French government and with the full support of Mountain Cluster to invite the right government officials and industry players to receive and host Mr. LIU Peng and his team.

The trip has been very fruitful. Mr. LIU Peng and his team have been well informed and equipped with new knowledge and insights in winter sports & ski resorts development.

The 3 trends in Olympic and winter sports development have been increasingly evident:
•    Transformation and recycling of old venues
More and more governments and institutes start to realize single-used stadium is a great waste of resources; experts all over the world are now focusing on how to utilize the sports venues after the game, either sold the stadiums to private companies or transformed into public infrastructure to benefit the public is worth consideration.
•    New Ski Resort Style- Four Seasons Ski Resort
Ski Resort will operate not only in winter, but in all four seasons. Ski fans will be able to enjoy the fun of skiing throughout the year.
•    Mountain Lifestyle – Close to the nature
Recently, public start to pay more attention on nature, the unique mountain lifestyle and the spirit it conveyed-close to the nature, enjoy the pure life, has been more popular.

Moving forward, NDA will provide our continuously supports to COC and Beijing. NDA wishes to help construct Beijing to be a winter-sports Dream Destination and create authentic mountain lifestyle for China.