Focus on 2016 CIBS, Explore the new trends in the yacht industry with NDA Group

Last month, NDA Group participated again in 2016 China International Boat Show activily with its three different brands:
NDA Design - the design brand;
Marine Dragon Consulting(MDC) - the consulting brand;
Beyond Water(BW) - the outdoor sport brand.

The boat and yacht market in China has been relatively sluggish this year. As a leading global strategy, design and marketing consultancy group with years of industry experience, NDA reviews and sums up the new trends in this year's edition of the China International Boat Show:

1. The visitors included both industry insiders from yachting and related industries, as well as the general public.
2. Exhibitors in the waterfront tourism industry shifted their focus more towards the middle class and families, rather than just focusing on high-end consumers;
3. Many yacht clubs are changing their development direction:  focusing on diverse water sports and experiential tourism to attract consumers;
4. The industry is seeing growingcross-border cooperation, with the establishment of alliances across different industries;
5. Sailing training for youth is gaining ground as a new trend in the boat industry.

Marine Dragon Consulting(MDC), the consulting team of NDA, used the boat show as an opportunity to take the pulse of the industry through questionnaires and in-depth interviews.  Some of the results include; what industry insiders considers the biggest factors impacting the future development of yachting in China:

The study also showed that there was wide consensus that while 2015 had been a tough year, 2016 was shaping up to be much better:

MDC would like to thank everyone involved in the study for their contributions. For further insights and market information please contact  MDC at

Build waterfront dream destinations,

Create distinctive travel experiences!

The NDA Group participated together with Zhuhai Jiuzhou Yacht Club, Guangzhou Nansha Yacht Club, Hainan Ocean Flower Island - all designed by NDA - in the "Waterfront Dream Destinations" booth, which was organized by CBITA. To meet emerging trends in the boat industry, NDA proposed a new development strategy: building waterfront dream destinations, creating distinctive waterfront travel experiences, and spreading innovative waterfront leisure lifestyle to the public.

Unique Sailing Stories from Captain Guo Chuan

Captain Guo Chuan, one of the most famous sailing heroes in China, delivered a lively speech on April 8th. As the first and only Chinese sailor to complete a single non-stop global sailing voyage, Mr. Guo shared his unique experiences and talked about the challenges he met during his journey. His unbreakable faith and strong spirits inspired the crowd, and raised their interests in sailing and waterfront sports.

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