Dubai Boat show: Realizing the true potential of marinas and waterfront developments with NDA.

NDA wraps up its successful participation at the 2015 Dubai International Boat Show and Middle-East Yachting conference!

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NDA would like to thank everyone for coming out and visiting us at the 2015 Dubai International Boat Show and participating the conference. NDA shared latest projects and expertise in waterfront development with all the visitors, gaining attention from both industry players and the media.

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Emmanuel Delarue, NDA’s CEO, delivered a speech on the topic “Realizing the true potential of marinas: life style and value at their best” at the Middle East Yachting Conference which was held on March 2nd. Mr. Delarue discussed the recent changes in the marina industry, emphasizing the rise in people who are treating marinas as a destination in itself, with unique flavors and characteristics. As marinas serve as a gathering point, and also as a hub for commercial and social interaction, Emmanuel mentioned that it would be beneficial to approach with a larger, more holistic view when it comes to their design. He used specific examples around the world to explain how marinas are the real lifestyle hotspots of many waterfront developments.

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Sanya Ocean Museum

Please feel free to contact us as , We will be in the Middle-East region again in the coming weeks.