Discover the great results of NDA on 2015 China International Boat Show in Shanghai!

In the 2015 China International Boat Show, NDA shared our latest projects and expertise in the tourism, waterfront and marina development industry, gaining attention from the media and key industry players.

NDA Booth 2015 CIBS

Emmanuel Delarue and Laura Qiu, NDA’s directors, delivered a speech in 2015 China International Forum on Yacht and Waterfront Leisure Industry Development, discussing “the true potential of marinas: life style and value at their best”, which won high recognition from waterfront and yacht industry insiders. Please send us a small message if you want to receive this presentation:

ED & Laura's speech on CIBS

NDA imagined and created the “Dream Destination” Pavilion to showcase 10 leading yacht clubs and marinas in China. This pavilion attracted a lot of attention from both visitors and show participants, with 650 people participating in the “Dream Destination” Art Show. A big success for both NDA and the China Boat Industry & Trade Association.

Dream Destination Pavilion in CIBS

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